Our Energy Field

If you work in the Paranormal field, or as a Psychic Medium, Trans Channel this is ideal for you.


We are each born with12 Energy Centers

called Chakras, each are associated with a color, shape, sense organ, natural element, deity, and mantra.


This complete and highly intelligent energy system governs your entire life.

Contained in this system are the 12 chakras, which are energy centers that govern specific areas of our lives and effect our physical and emotional well-being to our spiritual health.

These energy centers make up our energy anatomy.  The state of our chakras and energy field determine the state of your life, your health, wealth, love life, career etc.

It is extremely important to keep these gateway centers cleared and balanced.

Otherwise stagnation or illness can occur, and you will not be able to stay grounded or focused.

I use several techniques to cleanse and balance the chakra system, each is uniquely tailored to the specific clients need.



Our inner vibration and energy creates our outer world.

My Services

See my Booking Page for pricing


Evidential Medium Consult sessions are approximately

30 Minutes

Sessions available in person or via Zoom video


Energetic Cleansing Session

Allow 60 Minutes per session

Sessions available in person or via Zoom video


Intensive Energetic Cleansing

Intensive sessions are performed over a 3-day period same time and place each day at your specified time of choice. 

Cost includes all 3 days 

All my sessions are available via

Zoom Video or in person


Spirit Cleansing

I have a very special and successful method for sending spirits that are Earthbound into the light

***Services provided per case.***

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