My first experience I remember with the paranormal began at age seven; I was ill and in hospital for 2 weeks.  This is where my first encounter with spirit took place. I could see what I thought were patients roaming the hallways at night, most of these people had a transparency to them.

You could see through them.

At that time, I did not understand they were deceased. 

They would wake me up and ask me to help them find their loved ones.

So, I would get up and go out to the nurse’s station to ask why all these people were walking the halls and asking for help to locate their relatives each night. 

The nurse would say "What people? I don't see anyone,” and she would take me back to bed and say,“You're just having a bad dream."

Now, go back to sleep.” This went on every night like clockwork until

I was discharged to go home.

Then at the age of sixteen, I awoke from something hitting the end of my bed.  I opened my eyes and saw this full-bodied apparition, of a Native American man standing at the foot of my bed.  I asked him, “Why are you here?”  This man showed me in my mind's eye, how he took his own life.  I felt this overwhelming sense of sadness and experienced his emotional state and pain he was feeling as he took his own life that day.


This experience totally terrified me...


This is when I began my journey to educate myself and understand why this happened to me.

Picture above on right is of Spirit Orbs in my home office.

As for being a Mystic, I have always had the ability to know when Spirit is present in a reality, that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious within the physical realm.

I have a wonderful technique for cleansing and balancing the energetic field, I personally use it daily, to stay connected and grounded.

My Credentials include:

Arthur Findlay College 

Advancing Your Mediumship

Mentorship Program with Colin Bates 2021


The Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences

Progressive Mediumship & Spiritual Development 

Journey of the Soul Mentorship Program  with Colin Bates

AFC Graduate December 2020


School of Mystical Arts

James Van Praagh

Certified Apprentice October 2019


School of the Modern Mystic

Chakra Journey & The power of the White Light

Teacher and Mentor

Belinda Davidson - Australia

  Belinda is a "One of a kind Teacher", Mentor, and a truly Magical Being!!!

SOMM Graduate October 2017


Licensed Ordained Minister 2017