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I'm Debbie Spiritual Medium and a Modern Mystic

My focus is to bring awareness, healing and closure to those in the physical world seeking insight and guidance from loved ones who have passed on in Spirit.

I absolutely love what I do and have embraced my gift.  

I cannot think of a better service to others on this earth than helping people connect with their loved ones in the spiritual world.

I also have a wonderful meditation for cleansing and balancing the 13 Chakras.

The thirteen chakras are the gateway portals of the body.

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Debbie has the opportunity to see. 

She sees everything.  In people, places, animal’s energetic fields, etc.  What I find most impressive is that she is able to see without judgement.  When she is working with clients, she is able to deliver messages and communicate with love, compassion and in a way that is for the highest and best good for everyone.  She is able to step out of herself to be a clear channel and she uses light as her guide.

Kailea B.


Debbie is an amazing healer with expert training and intuitive skills far above and beyond anyone else I have every known. She is the most spiritual and gifted person that does this kind of work. 

Ed B.

Debbie is a gifted healer, you walk away with a profound sense of peace and steps to move in the direction of your hearts desires.

Martha B.​

A good friend recommended Debbie, attesting to the emotional and spiritual healing she had achieved in working with Mystic Healing.

I was in a difficult place in my life, having lost my adult son to suicide and needing desperately to achieve some understanding as well as emotional and spiritual healing. After several months of working with Debbie I can honestly say I have come to a relatively peaceful place in my life.

There are no words for how appreciative I am.

Joan S.


Drumming Circle photo taken by me on beach in Aliso Viejo, CA in 2014 at 8:00pm. If you look close you can see figures of Native Americans, you can see some of their facial features. This was a half a mile from a Native burial site. I was so honored the Native spirits allowed me to take this picture.  This was such a magical night, my friend and I could even hear them chanting in their native tongue

As I was driving home one day.

I could see Orbs of light coming at me. 

So I snapped this picture; my Guides and Spirit friends letting me know they are always with me.


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